Oil & Gas

ZooZoo is dedicated to providing top-notch security solutions to Canada's leading energy companies. Our services extend to safeguarding high rise buildings, oilfield camps, intrinsically safe sites, industrial shops, and remote areas. We strive to ensure our clients' peace of mind by implementing advanced surveillance measures and leveraging our expertise in the field.

Monitor multiple sites from one location

With the capability to monitor multiple sites from one location, businesses can effectively manage and oversee various facilities without the need for separate security units. This not only reduces infrastructure costs but also improves response times and simplifies the overall management

Manage facility access from anywhere

Our Access Control Manager is web-based, so you can manage access to restricted areas from anywhere. You're no longer tied to a single workstation or control room.


With our Access Control Manager being web-based, managing restricted areas access can be done from anywhere and not just from a single workstation or control room.

Perimeter Security

Our cutting-edge technology can help keep your premises secure by detecting intruders through our fence vibration sensors and advanced video analytics. These powerful tools can alert security personnel to the presence of humans and vehicles on your property, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring the safety of your assets. Trust our state-of-the-art security solutions to keep your premises protected around the clock.

Safety & Insurance

Our highly skilled technicians are certified in various essential areas, such as Fall Protection, Aerial Lifts, Confined Spaces, WHMIS, First Aid, Rigging & H2S, ensuring that they have the necessary knowledge to deliver exceptional service. Furthermore, we are covered by a comprehensive liability policy valued at ten (10) million dollars, protecting both our clients and ourselves.