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Drive your inventory management to success!!

Live Track your inventory with ZooZoo. Create new products, audit your items and easily manage your entire inventory so that you are on track with Products that are popular and moving on shelf quicker

  • Auto Import as many new products to your inventory database usingour integration with suppliers
  • Sell by case or break the case to create custom packs or singlebottle/Cans; ZooZoo supports multiple product types and quantities
  • Use minimum stock thresholds to auto create purchase orders when popular items are running low
  • Easy audit for your inventory with built-in inventory reports managedby security levels such as cashier, manager, Owner etc.
  • Handheld scanner device to add , adjust and receive orders easily onthe fly at each store
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Excel with your Grocery/Meat Shop POS that’s built for Grocery/Meat business!!

Rocket your sales to create best customer experiences—all with scale /scanner integration for scalable and non-scalable items.

  • Connects with in-counter scale/scanner for fast checkout
  • Customer price screen with running promos boosting sales andcustomer experience
  • Save money with high performance checkout mode Quick Keys andquick inventory lookup resulting in fewer checkout lanes
  • Drive more sales with customized discounts and promotions such asget 2 for 10% off, weekly promo, monthly promo, Monday promos andmany more
  • Direct integration with our payment machine for quick tap & go
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Scale up your expectations!!

  • Integrate your scale at the checkout lane to seamlessly price out allscalable items on the gp
  • Enable your deli or meat section to conveniently stick out labels from our scale so customer can pay all the items together at the checkout
  • Print labels from our integrated scale in accordance to weight and product codes for perishable items like meat, salads, packaged produce etc.
  • Attract visitors to your website with built-in SEO tools
Multiple Store Feature Set

Multiple Store Feature Set

Be the real boss of your business : manage all reports remotely and execute changes on the fly.

  • Access all the reports remotely
  • Integrate your POS with our CCTV Cameras
  • Remotely Audit all transactions with time stamps, amount, item ,voidsetc.
  • Import all your bulk orders with one button using our purchase order module for your multiple suppliers thus managing inventory remotely without errors
Gain insights for better decision-making

Gain insights for better decision-making.

From inventory costs to profit markups, ZooZoo comes with advance reports that provide clarity on your entire operation from anywhere.

  • Customize your reports to fit your business needs
  • Access business data from anywhere with ZooZoo mobile-friendly reports
  • Manage all your inventory from back office or cashier lane in accordance to your convenience and access levels configured to each job position-so managers don’t have to run back and front for minor updates in the system such as price change, receiving orders etc.
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Everything you need to process sales and get paid in one place.

Getting paid has never been this easy thanks to ZooZoo partner payment solution. Accept multiple payment types and enjoy premium support with any trainings and technical issues

  • Add thousands of products to your catalog quickly with our intuitive import features
  • Add thousands of products to your catalog quickly with our intuitive import features

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