ZooZoo provide comprehensive security solutions that protect your transportation business and its valuable assets. Our advanced technology and expert team ensure that you can monitor and secure your products and infrastructure with confidence.

Manage facility access from anywhere:

ZooZoo provides a web-based Access Control Manager, you can manage access to restricted areas from anywhere, giving you complete control and flexibility over your security system.

360 Degree Coverage:

ZooZoo offers a 360-degree camera with no blind spots that can capture every angle of your room in stunning clarity. which keeps you and your belongings safe and secure. You may rely on us to offer you protection and visibility that are unmatched.

Remote viewing from any device:

Stay connected and in control with our mobile app, providing live and recorded video monitoring on-the-go. Our user-friendly interface and wireless capabilities allow for seamless remote access from your Apple or Android device, enhancing your preventative protection measures.

Monitor multiple sites from one location:

With ZooZoo advanced security solutions, you can reduce infrastructure costs and increase response times. Our powerful video management software and access control systems allow you to monitor and manage multiple facilities from one central location, eliminating the need for separate security units.

Perimeter Security:

Protect your business with our advanced security solutions. From intrusion detection and access control to high-definition video, ZooZoo has the expertise to secure your operations

Safety & Insurance:

ZooZoo prioritize safety and compliance, ensuring our clients can trust us with their security needs. Our team is highly trained and certified in a range of safety procedures, and we carry extensive liability insurance to provide peace of mind.