First Nations

Partner with ZooZoo for top-notch security solutions in First Nations communities. Trust us to keep your residents and guests safe and secure

Manage facility access from anywhere

Say goodbye to being tethered to a single control room.
 ZooZoo web-based Access Control Manager lets you manage restricted areas from anywhere.

Monitor multiple sites from one location.

Centralize your security operations with ZooZoo security solution and see results. Cut infrastructure costs, increase response times, and manage multiple facilities from a single location. No need for separate security units.

Zoom in on facial features. Identify criminals

Experience high quality image detail and zoom capabilities with Our end-to-end surveillance solutions. Our high definition cameras and control software provide evidence-quality images to identify suspects and keep your assets secure.

Remote viewing from any device

Stay connected to your security system on the go with our mobile apps. Monitor live and recorded video from your Apple or Android device, providing superior preventative protection.