Keep Calm & Serve Cupcakes (23)

Ease of use & scalable

  • Create intuitive menu screens for nailing quick orders during mad hours
  • Practically little to none training required with the easiest of interface for accepting face pace orders and completing the payments
  • Know your bestsellers and busy hour with our robust reporting options in order to tailor your menu and labor schedule pushing you towards success (15)

Flexible Payments

  • We integrate pos with our flexible payment solution so accomplishing faster transaction rates
  • Auto Gratuities calculations so no manual punching on tips calculation

Kitchen Order screen

  • Consolidates your tickets on one screen with timers so no missed or delay orders hence optimizingcustomer experience
  • Aggregates the orders of your customers, whether they are placed from the kiosk, on online platforms, or through third-party channels.
  • Color-coded modifiers, the modifications and allergens in each order appears front and center to reduce the back and forth from kitchen tables.


  • Items visible to your customers on CFDs
  • Along with the item details, the subtotal price, tax percentage, and total price of the order appears onthe CFDs for your customers to crosscheck.


Providing POS plus Flexible Payment Plus Online Order Solution BUNDLE

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