Casinos are often at risk of false liability claims and criminal activity, which can lead to significant financial losses. Our comprehensive solutions provide you with detailed evidence to help prevent false claims, safeguard your assets, and ensure the safety of your guests. With our end-to-end solutions, you can rest assured that your casino is fully protected and your reputation remains intact.



Create a safe and secure environment in your casino by utilizing our advanced security solutions that monitor every card, face, and table. Our access control solutions, coupled with the industry's most powerful HD network video management software, provide an end-to-end solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure. With our cutting-edge technology, you can rest assured that your casino is fully protected from any potential threats.


Unsurpassed image detail of every card table.

Our complete solutions offer exceptional image detail, enabling you to accurately monitor every table and card on your entire casino floor with confidence. Our zoom function allows you to get a close-up view of suspicious activity without compromising clarity. You can rely on our evidence-quality footage to prevent any potential losses, keeping your casino secure and protected.

Incredible surveillance control and scalability.

Efficiently manage every aspect of your casino's surveillance system with our end-to-end solutions. Our Control Center software can easily handle any number of cameras on any casino floor, giving you complete control over your surveillance infrastructure. Whether you need to scale up or down, our solutions are fully customizable to meet your specific needs. With our comprehensive approach, you can rest assured that your casino is fully protected and operating at peak performance.

True seamless integration? Bet on it.

Our open system platform provides seamless integration with your casino's existing architecture, enabling you to leverage your current systems without any disruption. With our flexible technology, you can easily link criminal incidents and activity to specific points in time, giving you greater visibility and control over your surveillance infrastructure. Our user-friendly platform ensures that you can manage and analyze your data with ease, making it simple to protect your casino and keep your guests safe.