Keep Calm & serve your delicious Pizza DEALS!! (9)

ZooZoo Menu Designer

  • ZooZoo Menu Designer -that incorporates complex pizza deals, half n halves, extra/free toppings with familypack & more
  • ZooZoo Phone Orders-auto detects customer past orders,customer address , delivery fees etc
  • ZooZoo Delivery Module-calculate distance through google maps, auto select delivery zones and deliveryfees,dispatch the delivery to respective drivers etc
  • ZooZoo Text notifications-Auto text once the order is ready for pick up or dispatched out to the drivers (8)

ZooZoo Online Ordering solution-

  • Automated phone calls for order confirmation, deliver/pickup solution,auto review notificationafter pick up or delivery
  • Customers can re-order their past orders so easy quick interface to make complex orders
  • Customers receive notification on app plus email with live updates on the order status such as accepted by business, accepted by driver, delivered etc (18)

ZooZoo Payment Terminals

ZooZoo brings you a payment option for the seamless and efficient operation of your establishment. For pizza owners who deal with rush hours daily, we bring you PAY-ON-THE-FLY—an innovative solution that will increase customer satisfaction and comfort.

  • ZooZoo payment solution interface with ZooZoo POS -payments are auto settles at the customer doorstep once the driver receives the payment & tips
  • No manual need to close the check for the drivers
  • Auto Tips calculation
  • Pay On The Fly for the drivers


Providing POS plus Flexible Payment Plus Online Order Solution BUNDLE

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