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Front Office Operations

Reorder another round, turn up the dance floor &welcome the guests!!

Maximize control for bartenders/ servers & guests!!

  • Apply modifiers, kitchen/bar notes-- fire order from the table & save order times
  • split checks by seat & items however way guests prefer
  • Auto settle check into the pos from the payment terminal at the table—kindly check the link—patt
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Back office operations


Intelligent kitchen display systems (KDS) that allow seamless processing of orders.
Increase the efficiency of your staff as well as bar/kitchen.

  • Durable hardware that can withstand the spills in the bar and high temperatures of a kitchen.
  • All-day display and production of item counts on multiple screen sizes that provide multiplelanguage support.
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Specifications, if any.

Uninterrupted and seamless communication between the front and back office.

  • Automated firing of orders that notify your kitchen staff of the prep and ticket times
  • Advanced prep-station routing with aggregation of orders to allow your kitchen staff properprioritization of meal orders for optimal efficiency.
  • Color-changing prep-time labels that reflect any changes in orders including cancellations.
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Pay at the table

  • Our payment terminals talk directly INTO your POS
  • Automatically Close/Settle your Checks
  • Intelligent System
  • Less Hassle Payment

Liquor Inventory system

You’ve likely heard it discussed often in our industry, but have you considered liquor inventory or wondered if liquor portion control or a liquor control system might serve your operation?

Here are some of the reasons many bar, club, restaurant, casino, hotel, stadium and many other venue owners rely on liquor control systems to help control costs, improve profitability and make informed bar management decisions.

Access Control

All bar side liquor bottles have pourer with tamper-proof seals

All liquor dispensed through a Laser gun is secured in a locked room

All beer dispensed through ZooZoo Liquor System controlled dispensing faucet is secured in a locked cooler

Liquor Portion Control

Consistent pours result in consistent drinks and cocktails

Increased customer satisfaction and repeat customers

Reduced losses from spillage and over pouring


Records every drink poured

Eliminates give-aways and potential shrinkage

Prevents unauthorized pouring at any time

Liquor and beer inventory are secured, so nothing is dispensed without being recorded


Increase profits by controlling costs. Use the loss calculators to see how much you may be losing!

A 1/4 ounce overpour on a one ounce shot can increase your liquor cost by 25% per drink! & Dramatically cuts liquor purchases

The ability to pour quickly with a liquor control system increases server’s efficiency and more pours means increased profits

Consistent drinks and more pours equal increased profits and tips, based upon a percentage of sales.


Consistent pouring equals better tracking of customer’s alcohol intake to help reduce drunk driving

Can increase liability insurance premiums by 10%

Provides stronger defense if ever sued for negligence


We provide both LIVE (app) and on premise reports that comprises of Sales, labor, inventory ,corporate level reporting

Transactions are processed at your choosing, not thenetwork.

ZooZoo gives the power back to you.

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See how ZooZoo works for your bar, lounge and/or nightclub

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