Front Office Operations

Reorder another round, turn up the dance floor &welcome the guests!!

Maximize control for bartenders/ servers & guests!!

  • Apply modifiers, kitchen/bar notes-- fire order from the table & save order times
  • split checks by seat & items however way guests prefer
  • Auto settle check into the pos from the payment terminal at the table—kindly check the link—patt
  • No manual closing of bar tabs (bar tenders)..payment terminal connects to the bar so no manual error send of the night which can be a pain in the neck
  • No manual closing of checks at any table so no missed tables and also auto calculate servers'/bartenders' tips
  • Enable dark mode on the pos & payments terminal so guests can enjoy nondistracted
  • Upsell with sides, send accurate quick orders from the table itself so less confusion with the orders
  • Prior fire appy’s feature, hold or auto time main course items thereafter enhancing customer experience and less missed or delayed orders
  • Customize liquor to food screens with auto happy hours, multiple sizes drinks with a single button like 3oz, 6oz, double shots, etc.
  • Liquor Inventory system—control what's pouring without requiring physical audits at every end of the night

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