Ease of use & scalable

  • Create intuitive menu screens for nailing quick orders during mad hours
  • Always make sure staff is trying to upsell the combos, drinks, fries, poutines, etc. with its fast mode checkout before checking out!!
  • Optional toppings that are chargeable or free could be easily incorporated with multiple possibilities of combos along with happy hour specials
  • Practically little to none training is required with the easiest of interfaces for accepting fast pace orders and completing the payments
  • Know your bestsellers and busy hour with our robust reporting options in order to tailor your menu and labor schedule pushing you toward success
  • Inventory is a huge part of chicken counters..so we make sure all the reporting is to the bone for your peace of mind!!
  • We serve multiple national franchise chains without an integrated drive-thru solution. kindly refer to this for drive-thru solution as well XXX

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